Hello, I'm Bas- Owner of Maximum Wash

You've stumbled across a quick insight into some of the things we do & our relevant experience. Almost like a CV; to give people a snapshot into who we are and what you can expect when dealing with us.

Our Equipment

We've been in business for 8 years and are made up of a small team of 3 expert washers. We have 2 trucks on the road currently fully kitted with everything for every job. If you would like something done on the spot- no problem, just ask!

Maximum Wash specialize in both commercial & residential exterior cleaning & washing. Our trucks are equipped for any size job, we truly pride ourselves on having the right knowledge, process, team & equipment for every exterior cleaning job.

We follow all current health & safety protocols & are fully insured!

Our Equipment

We truly love washing. Investing in the best equipment & gear specially designed & imported for soft washing. Times have changed from the old pressure cleaning & almost nothing we do & any way we clean, requires pressure. We have invested extremely heavily in every truck we have on the road & endeavor to keep innovating & learning new ways. We love washing!

Our Team

We encounter some tricky & demanding jobs, often working at heights (roofs) & beyond to clean properties. We use some great chemicals & drag our equipment all over the place. Each staff member is extensively trained on the best practice for every task, following all current work safe guidelines & procedures.