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Decks, Fences & Water Blasting Auckland

How do we clean your fence?

We mix a solution of 2 chemicals together. Depending on the fence we are doing, different volumes of chemicals will be used- your exterior cleaning technician will consult you on the day. We will let the chemical soak into the wood for 20 minutes before doing a low pressure rinse.

Can I paint my fence after a water blast?

Yes, cleaning your fence before painting will give you a long lasting and beautiful finish. You can stain, paint or spray your fence once it has dried.

If you are interested in getting your fence cleaned/washed or would simply like to consult and speak to us about options for your fence. Please Contact Us or call Bas on 027 206 8025.

Why Maximum Wash?

Owner, Bas- has been in the industry for 8 years. Bas will personally visit every job for a quote, discuss any questions you may have. Bas is also on site with his small team of 2 completing your wash. Quality is key, we love seeing customers come back year after year!

We have imported a lot of our equipment from the USA. Our trucks are set up in a way that when we arrive at a job, we can roll the hoses out and wash within 5 minutes. No messing about.

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"We Care about Quality Service"

Looking after your biggest asset

House washing, roof washing, gutter cleaning, fences, driveways, patios, decks you name it we clean it. Bas and his team have years of experience in all aspects of exterior cleaning. If you have moss, mold, lichen, or anything organic growing around your house, we can tackle it.

Commercial or Residential

Anything is possible! Leave it to the professionals!

Our Equipment

We truly love washing. Investing in the best equipment & gear specially designed & imported for soft washing. Times have changed from the old pressure cleaning & almost nothing we do & any way we clean, requires pressure. We have invested extremely heavily in every truck we have on the road & endeavor to keep innovating & learning new ways. We love washing!

Our Team

We encounter some tricky & demanding jobs, often working at heights (roofs) & beyond to clean properties. We use some great chemicals & drag our equipment all over the place. Each staff member is extensively trained on the best practice for every task, following all current work safe guidelines & procedures.

Our Equipment